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Press release

Paris – 24/06/2015 – The World Committee for lifelong learning (CMA) had met at a General Assembly 16th June 2015 at the headquarters of the National Union of Rural Family Houses. President Yves ATTOU presented a review of the first decade, establishing that the CMA had focused its activity mainly in reflecting, monitoring and organizing international seminars and global forums while developing national and international partnerships. Thus, the CMA has gained real legitimacy, especially to UNESCO.

The General Assembly decided to go ahead and “put their words into actions” by implementing an international program called “1000 networks for lifelong learning.” The required criteria to be eligible and to sign a partnership agreement will be laid down in the specifications. Among these are the CMA’s original choice including: The holistic approach to education including formal, informal and non-formal, Services  available for people from early childhood to the end of life and for all levels of education, reflections and actions in favor of shortage occupations, professions of the future, “green” jobs, transversal skills and professional integration, citizenship and general knowledge, innovative practices, interaction between real territory and the virtual space and a plural partnership involving all relevant actors in education and training: business, education, civil society, elected representatives, and social partners.

In view of this important development, it was decided to strengthen teams and project groups and increase the pace of internationalization of CMA structures. Furthermore, the current network of delegates implanted in 72 countries will be replaced by “network development missions for lifelong learning.”

The UNESCO General Directorate responded favorably to the CMA’s proposal to create an International Commission for the implementation of lifelong learning. This structure could play, among others, the role of the Scientific Council of the program “1000 networks for lifelong learning.”

Finally, the General Assembly chose Saint Petersburg (Russia) to host the 5th World Forum of lifelong learning in 2017 (25th, 26th and 27thMay 2017). A partnership will be initiated for this purpose, with the University “Pushkin” of Saint Petersburg.

Yves Attou



Project manager of the forum - Marlena Bouche and Irina Bokova UNESCO General Director

Project manager of the forum – Marlena Bouche and Irina Bokova, UNESCO General Director

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